Design Style Bathrooms


Design Style Tiling offers a traditional approach to your tiling and will work closely with you throughout the entire project, from concept to completion.

On-time completion dates and quality control are standard inclusions with Design Style Tiling.

Design Style Bathrooms - Bathroom Renovations
Design Style Bathrooms – Bathroom Renovation

Design Style Tiling – Services

Design Style Tiling is professional and has experience in all kinds of Residential and Commercial Tiling.  We will deliver the best results for all kinds of tiling projects. 

You can choose Design Style Tiling with confidence. We will ensure a durable and flawless finish, a great variety of styles and choices, an array of colour selection with extensive industry knowledge.

Design Style Tiling

A number of our customers renovate their kitchen areas, bathrooms, laundries and powder rooms at the same time, which can be beneficial and cost-effective.

Design Style Tiling will provide a design theme that can be woven through your kitchen, bathrooms which creates consistency.

Design Style Bathrooms – Bathroom Renovation
Design Style Stonework

 Our craftsmanship can be seen around Perth and Mandurah, including entrances, capping, cladding and feature walls; fireplaces and pool surrounds; concrete repairs and retaining walls; random block, or a creative custom design to reflect your needs.

Design Style Stonework

Design Style Tiling and Stone offer professional stonework in both modern and architectural design for commercial and residential sectors. You will be rewarded with trouble-free construction and restoration of the highest standard.

With 30 years of experience working with quality handcrafted stone, Design Style Tiling have provided stonework for homeowners, landscape designers, builders and architects.

Design Style Bathrooms – Stonework

Design Style Custom Design

Design Style Tiling & Stone offer custom design for your kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovation or installation.


Design Style Bathrooms – Custom Pool Designs
Design Style Bathrooms - Mandurah WA


We can undertake the entire process for your project, working closely with all tradespeople.

When your work commences, Design Style Tiling will work continuously and exclusively for you, ensuring that all renovations are completed to your satisfaction.